As renowned builders of fine Cornish craft over the centuries Pasco’s continues to build in wood and more recently fiber glass. The Pasco’s 23 is a bespoke hand built motor launch. Available as a traditional open day launch, a cabined weekender or a commercial design to suit your needs.

In 2013 When Chris Deglanville and Craig Brown took over the yard it was decided that Pasco’s should start building boats again. The P23 was based on previous boats the yard had built in the past, with traditional lines, a wheel house with a forepeak for 2.

The hull is a fixed shape, but sheer and topside height is able to be changed to suit as is the cabin configuration. All these aspects can be customized to create a unique package. Engines, electronics, timber trims, cabin/forepeak size and finish can be tailored to personal taste.

The basic hull has RCD (Recreational craft directive) certification and will be built to ‘’Seafish’’ specification allowing commercial applications to be build. Sea trials in open sea have been conducted with a passage to the Isles of Scilly in hull#3.

Construction is a 6/7 month process with owner consultation welcomed throughout the build which leads to a very involved boating relationship for a unique, bespoke and personal vessel, making P23 a joy for a limited few.